The word "omniana" means "pulling disparate pieces of information together and making sense out of them".

At Omniana Consulting, LLC., we will analyze  your business needs/requirements and provide brand new, comprehensive business solutions, or refinements, to your existing business models, and processes. 

Omniana  specializes in providing fully integrated business solutions. This means that the end result of any project delivered is a solution that is fully integrated into our customer's enterprise infrastructure.

We provide the application design and development expertise, as well as  training if desired, as part of our ongoing effort to present our clients with the complete packaged solution.

The Omniana solution is not only oriented towards satisfying our clients' requirements today, but it is also designed with flexibility in mind. Our solutions are dynamically refinable in an effort to meet the ever changing needs of  our customers' businesses.

Omniana’s objective is to maximize our clients’ profitability by maximizing the efficiency in which they conduct their business.

How do we achieve this?


We do this by providing services which utilize a combination of  cutting edge technology, proven methodologies, and a  vastly experienced, technical, consulting staff ... more specifically - our service methodology.